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Diagnosing Fairy Ring Disease

While the name implies something sweet and delightful, this Boise, ID lawn disease is anything but... More

Lawn Watering - How Much is Too Much

You love your Boise, ID lawn and want it to thrive throughout the seasons. That’s why you invest in a professional lawn care program and pay close attention to your mowing and watering practices. Sometimes, however, it’s difficult to discern whether you are giving your lawn too little attention or entirely too much.... More

Best Lawn Pranks

We believe there’s truly no harm in playing an innocent prank or two on your friends and family.... More

Making the Case for Lawn Care

There are many benefits to maintaining a healthy green space. Sometimes it takes a little convincing though. Let Weed Man Boise, ID make the case for you

... More

Is Boise, ID Clover Really All That Lucky?

Profiling Stubborn Weeds

Clover – a word that’s usually associated with four-leafed shamrocks, good luck and St. Patrick’s Day; but Weed Man Boise, ID sees it as what it really is – a stubborn weed.

This low-growing, perennial weed will sprout easily on your lawn. Seed mixes commonly included a dose of clover back in the 1940s and ‘50s and ever since, it has been prominent on turfs across the country.... More

How to Achieve an Emerald Green Boise, ID Lawn this Spring

Luck of the Irish

By pre-booking your lawn care services with Weed Man Boise, ID, you’re bound to achieve that emerald green lawn you’ve always wanted. At Weed Man Boise, ID, we pride ourselves on providing quality lawn care services for over 45 years. We understand the importance of your home and want to reassure you that we will love your lawn as if it were our own. To ensure your turf is lush and healthy, and emerald green in color this spring, see below for a list of our valuable services.

... More

The Advantages of Prepaying for Your Boise, ID Lawn Care Plan

With spring right around the corner (yahoo!), now it a great time to start thinking about securing lawn care for the upcoming season, if you haven’t already. By starting early, Weed Man Boise, ID can get a handle on your lawn, as well as all of your specific lawn care needs, to avoid any dreaded issues later on.... More

Welcome to Weed Man Boise, ID’s New Website

After months of planning and development, Weed Man Boise, ID is pleased to unveil our new look! We welcome you to our new and improved website, which features a clean, fun and bold design and more effectively highlights what’s important to us and what’s important to you.... More

Boise, ID Indoor to Outdoor Plant Care

If you’re an active plant enthusiast, then you likely already know that colder weather doesn’t have to mean the end to your gardening efforts.... More

Warm Festive Drinks

As we head into the colder weather of the holiday season, Weed Man Boise, ID wants you to keep warm. What better way to fend off the chill of winter than with a delicious beverage? We’ve put together a list of festive drinks that combine both the new and the traditional. Read on below!... More

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