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Donations & Aerations

The Weed Man Boise, ID team is excited to welcome another beautiful fall season. This season, we are not only committed to keeping weeds at bay in your lawn (schedule your fall aeration before it's too late!), but we are also helping WEED OUT HUNGER by donating to the Meridian Food Bank! Read more here.... More

Keys to a Great Lawn

Weed Man Boise, ID owner, Mark Durham, gets down and dirty as he discusses the three keys to a great lawn: good mowing and watering practices, and lawn fertilization. Check out our latest "On the Lawn" video for more information!... More

Chinch Bugs in Caldwell, ID

At Weed Man, we are fans of our local history, but we are even bigger fans of helping our customers have the best lawns possible and today, that means keeping Caldwell, ID from becoming Bugtown again. Learn more about identifying pesky Chinch Bugs on your Caldwell lawn, in our latest blog post!... More

Nutsedge Noticed on Eagle, ID Lawns

Nutsedge. While the name may not be quite as menacing as the effects it has on local Eagle, ID lawns, it certainly causes plenty of headaches for countless homeowners throughout the Treasure Valley every year. Read our latest Blog post for more information.... More

Water Conservation and Your Nampa Lawn

At Weed Man, not only do we care about your lawn, but we care about the environment and protecting our valuable resources. With that said, we want to share our practices for maintaining a healthy and vibrant lawn, while also using your available water most responsibly.... More

Watch out for Grubs and Bugs!!

Finding yellow patches or thinning in your lawn? You may have grubs/bugs. Here are some tips and ways to tell if you do have bugs. Let us know if you are running into this problem and we would be happy to help you diagnose if you are having trouble. We can come up with a plan to contain the problem and bring back your lawn to a healthy green.... More

The Grass IS Greener Over There!

Our latest series on improving the overall health and look of your lawn!... More

10 Reasons To Choose Weed Man

10 outstanding reasons to choose us to take care of your lawn!  No Excuses.  Just great experience!... More

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