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Nutsedge Noticed on Eagle, ID Lawns

It lurks in many lawns in Eagle, hiding in plain site until it finally, menacingly, breaks free of the surrounding grass towering above your otherwise beautiful lawn. What in the world is lurking in the lawns of Eagle? It goes by many names; nutgrass, peanutgrass, swampgrass, and watergrass. You may know it more commonly as Nutsedge, and while the name may not be quite as menacing as the description, it certainly causes plenty of headaches for countless homeowners throughout the Treasure Valley every year.

About Nutsedge

Nutsedge - for those unfamiliar with this eye sore - is a grass-like weed that occurs on lawns primarily during the hot summer months. nutsedge.jpgWhile it can look like grass at times, Nutsedge clearly distinguishes itself from surrounding grass due to its rapid growth rate, usually standing taller than the desirable grass, as well as its bright green color. 
Nutsedge is a member of the almond family and grows in areas with high levels of moisture in the soil. For example, Eagle and all other areas near the Boise River. While nutsedge can be pulled to remove it temporarily from lawns, this method is not recommended. Nutsedge has tubers underground that will remain in place when the blades of the plant are pulled and will then reproduce from these tubers over and over again. 


The most effective way to treat Nutsedge is with a herbicide. While we wish there was a preventative treatment for Nutsedge, there currently is no pre-emergent treatment available, which means the only way to treat is after it has already come to be. Weed Man will treat Nutsedge on every visit to your lawn. However, if the original conditions are favorable for development and are not addressed, it will continue to be an issue.

Below are a few steps you can take - whether you live in Eagle or elsewhere - to help create conditions that are unfavorable for Nutsedge growth:
  1. Change your watering habits. Generally watering too often or too long will lead to waterlogged soil. 
  2. Water no more than 3 days per week in the early morning if possible, and allow at least one day between watering to give your lawn the chance to dry out. Water between 45-60 minutes per zone. See our previous Blog Post about Water Conservation for more information as to why we recommend watering in this manner.
  3. If you are following the above watering recommendation and still have issues with Nutsedge, your soil may be too compact and causing ideal conditions for Nutsedge growth. Call Weed Man to schedule a Core Aeration and allow the water on your lawn to drain properly. We can be reached at (208) 888-9911!

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