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The Grass IS Greener Over There!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Weed Man!  We started this blog to help inform and educate our customers so they will get the most out of their lawns.  Whether you are a Weed Man customer or not, you are welcome here, and we hope you gain something by your visits.  This week I would like to overview where we are headed in the near future - lawn care tips!

It work hard on your lawn.  You spend countless hours and untold amounts of money to get the results you want to no avail.  Your neighbors lawn looks amazing and you just can't seem to match the deep green lawn.  On the other hand your other neighbor has a black thumb with a degree in growing weeds...that like to invade your lawn.  How can you get the results you want?

Just before you give in and give up let us offer some advice!  Sure you could hire a professional - Weed Man Boise, in particular.  We would love that!  Nevertheless, even Weed Man customers are given the expectation that achieving and maintaining a great lawn is really a partnership.  So whether you take the professional lawn guide approach or DIY approach we would like to help you have an amazing lawn.

Over the next weeks, we will be detailing how you can have an AMAZING lawn your neighbors will be joyously talking about.  (They may talk anyways, but lets be honest, nobody wants to be the black thumb homeowner who specializes in weeds.)

We have 10 tips for lawn care that every homeowner should be aware of:

  1. Fertilization
  2. Mower Startup
  3. Sprinkler Startup/Maintenance
  4. Over seeding/Lawn Repair
  5. Weed Control
  6. Watering Practices
  7. Mowing to the Season
  8. Bug Care
  9. Aerating
  10. Mulching

Each tip will have a separate post unpacking the details of how to take advantage of each practice.  Please check back often to get updated!  

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