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Meet Our Team!


The Weed Man Boise, ID team lives and works in the communities that we serve. Offering quality service is our main goal for our customers and neighbors. Meet your Boise, ID Weed Man team of lawn specialists who are professionally trained to manage all of your lawn care needs. We're happy to introduce ourselves!

Justin | Certified Lawn Care Technician

Justin began his career with us as a Customer Outreach Representative before becoming a technician and is now a licensed lawn care technician with the Idaho Department of Agriculture. 


Jeremy | Certified Lawn Care Technician

Jeremy enjoys everything about Weed Man and is a licensed lawn care technician with the Idaho Department of Agriculture. He’s always got a smile and is willing to help, whether it be with his customers or co-workers. In his down time, he enjoys spending time with his wife. He also plays music, sings in a rock band, and spends time with his adorable Rottweiler.  Jeremy came to Idaho from Coos Bay, OR, to share his exciting life with us.


Orrin | Technical Manager

You can’t miss Orrin’s smile when you see him on the lawn.  Orrin seems to be drawn to golf.  He has experience working with local courses on maintaining fairways and greens.  In his words, he also enjoys “frisbee golf and trying to swing and actual golf club.”  He is a certified technician with the Idaho Department of Agriculture.


Danie | Lead Sales

Danie works in the role of sales. If you've called us or received a call at any point, odds are you've talked to her and heard her upbeat, positive voice at least once! She enjoys the challenges of a sales position, and watching the company change and grow. She likes playing with her cats, watching TV, fishing, and gardening. She has contributed to the growth and success of Weed Man over the years. 


Rileigh | Sales

Rileigh started with Weed Man as a customer outreach representative.  After being a leader among our customer outreach team, Rileigh was handpicked to join our sales team where she has continued to be a valued member of our Weed man family.  She is currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree in marketing with a minor in communications and an emphasis in professional writing at the University of Idaho.


Austin | General Manager

Austin spends his days in the sales department and his easy-going voice is unmistakable. He is a recent graduate of Boise State with a degree in Environmental Biology.  He enjoys the challenges that come with making sales and explaining to customers why we're the best of the best.  He likes cooking and hanging out at home. He's also of the opinion that Weed Man is the Bee's Knees!


Tammy | Customer Service

Tammy spends her day helping bring a smile to our customers faces. With a quick wit and smile, she brightens the atmosphere of our office.  She moved to Idaho from California and enjoys time her time with family, as well as attending concerts and rodeos outside of work. 


Chrystina | Administrative Assistant

A Treasure Valley native, Chrystina works from home assisting our admin team.  When she isn’t working she enjoys reading a good book, spending time with her son, and laughing at her husband’s jokes.


Annette | Administration

Annette works from home or in the office as our bookkeeper and is always willing to help with any of your administrative needs or concerns. She loves spending time with her grandchildren, family and friends, reading and playing tennis.


Dereck | Marketing & Sales Manager

Dereck joined the Weed Man Team as a Field Marketing Supervisor.  He transitioned into a full time Lawn Care Technician that first year.  Since then, he has taken over our marketing efforts, though from time to time he does enjoy working on lawns.  He is a certified technician with the Idaho Department of Agriculture.


Mark Durham | Owner

Mark purchased the territory and started the Weed Man Lawn Care franchise in the Treasure Valley in 2004.  He has been involved in lawn care off and on since 1973.  Mark was a pilot for a major airline and retired in 2015.  He really enjoys working with the great team we have and helping our amazing customers.  He is a licensed lawn care technician with the Idaho Department of Agriculture.  He enjoys seeing his grandchildren, golfing and skiing.